Your First Appointment

Every appointment with Tara is approximately 50 minutes long. Your first appointment will discuss confidentiality, your goals and presenting concerns, and a bit more about my approach.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

While used interchangeably, counselling and psychotherapy are not the same thing but many professionals do both. Psychotherapy tends to work with a broader...

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Self-Regulation Therapy

Self Regulation Therapy (SRT®) is a gentle, mind-body modality that works with the nervous system to heal the events of life that have been overwhelming.

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Tara Miller Counselling


You can also download Intake & Referral forms before your visit.

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Thoughts from Tara

DISCLAIMER: To protect the anonymity of my clients, some names have been removed on the following testimonials.

Client Testimonials

I have greatly improved since seeing Tara, especially in the area of dealing with people and my trust issues with other people. For someone like me, large crowds of people are terrifying and for what I do, I have to be in front of large crowds sometimes. My anxiety used to go through the roof. Now I have ways to help keep it under control. My anxiety no longer keeps me home from school and my grades have improved greatly.
Teen Client