Your First Appointment

Every appointment with Tara is approximately 50 minutes long. Your first appointment will discuss confidentiality, your goals and presenting concerns, and a bit more about my approach.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

While used interchangeably, counselling and psychotherapy are not the same thing but many professionals do both. Psychotherapy tends to work with a broader...

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Self-Regulation Therapy

Self Regulation Therapy (SRT®) is a gentle, mind-body modality that works with the nervous system to heal the events of life that have been overwhelming.

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Tara Miller Counselling


You can also download Intake & Referral forms before your visit.

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Thoughts from Tara

DISCLAIMER: To protect the anonymity of my clients, some names have been removed on the following testimonials.

Client Testimonials

As a school counsellor, I have referred a number of students to Tara Miller. Tara provides our students with service quickly and reliably. Tara is effective because she connects incredibly well with youths; she is kind, approachable and driven to provide excellent, research-based methods in her practice. Her biggest asset is her ability to build trusting relationships with teens. My students consistently let me know that they look forward to seeing Tara because she is helping them to feel happier and more in control of their lives. I am always confident that a great counselling relationship will be established between Tara and my students when I refer them to her practice.
High School Counsellor