My Practice Philosophy

My practice specializes in one on one psychotherapy with adults, children and youth. We work collaboratively to move you towards your goals using gentle approaches that promote nervous system regulation and long term health.

The mind is powerful. And yet sometimes we can’t just “think” ourselves better. All of our understanding, every book we have read, all of our efforts to heal ourselves, remain in our cognitive frustration. I believe that true transformation and healing comes from an integrated approach that works with the root of the problem, nestled deeper in our nervous system. When we experience symptoms of dysregulation such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., we need to work with those in a neurobiological way for lasting resolution. This is why I incorporate therapies such as Self Regulation Therapy (SRT®) into my practice philosophy. I believe it to be highly effective and integrative, with long term success.