Self Regulation Therapy

Self Regulation Therapy (SRT®) is a gentle, mind-body modality that works with the nervous system to heal the events of life that have been overwhelming. When the nervous system becomes dysregulated or imbalanced we can experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, and other mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Grounded in the neuroscience research on how the body deals with trauma, attachment, developmental ruptures, and how it regains health, SRT® is an effective and non overwhelming treatment approach that makes counselling an holistic, collaborative experience. SRT® is non cathartic – this means that you won’t feel out of control, you won’t need to re-enact the traumas of your life, and you won’t feel overwhelmed. Instead, you’ll feel a sense of control in your sessions as you move into greater resiliency, health, and happiness in your life.

My post graduate training in SRT® has led me to specialize in trauma counselling including working with PTSD, motor vehicle accidents, medical/dental, relational trauma/sexual assault, global activation (near death experiences including drowning, asthma attacks, etc). SRT® is effective as well in working with anxiety/depression, self esteem, body image, stress management, and other overwhelming emotions and events.

I believe in working with people collaboratively, being mindful of the context of their lives and their goals to achieve what they want out of life and how they want to feel about it. My practice is holistic – we are working with you as a whole person. It is essential that we aren’t separating your thoughts from your behaviours from your emotions from your physical sensations. This is an integrated approach that includes all of those along with healthy lifestyle practices that support overall mind/body health and promote lasting change.