The Importance of Learning how to Ask for and Receive Help

We are meant to live in a connected world, being able to give and receive in a community of people that we trust. Many people find asking for and receiving help uncomfortable. This could be because you feel vulnerable – or it could be because of pride.

I challenge you to not just be a good giver – that’s easy. It’s much harder and more humbling to be able to ask for help from people that are close to us. By maintaining our struggle alone or in silence, we make things harder for ourselves while denying people that care about us the opportunity to show up for us in our lives in the way that we need.

If you’re not asking for help because of pride – this is an area where you need to get over yourself. Truly. You don’t get a shinier medal at the end of your suffering or struggles by doing it alone locked in for pride. And in fact, you have fewer people to celebrate with you as you overcome your challenges.

By not being able to be bold and courageous enough to ask for help in ways that would matter in your life, in ways that would make a difference, you are missing out on your own opportunity for growth, learning, resources, and connection. I encourage you to stretch yourself in this area -there is something beautiful about a real person showing up at your door offering their time and energy in your life. It’s missing in our electronic connectedness. This is an opportunity for real, healthy engagement. You deserve it – but you have to ask for it.

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