We Aren’t Supposed to Be Happy All the Time

And sometimes we forget… in trying to avoid feeling uncomfortable and in trying to ‘fix’ our moods that a normal healthy life includes experiencing an entire range of emotions consistent and in proportion to life’s events. We aren’t supposed to feel happy all of the time, in fact it’s sort of weird to expect that depending on what’s going on in our lives. We aren’t supposed to need to fix and exit out of negative emotions all the time either – or even worse, medicate or self medicate out. We are supposed to endure and embrace the flow.

Health is not the absence of feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed – it is the ability to feel the breadth of all those emotions and be able to return to a regulated baseline after. We are supposed to feel – everything – and embrace it…and then get help if we find we aren’t able to come back from it.

Well said in this article. Highs and Lows Are A Part of Life