Your First Appointment

Every appointment is approximately 50 minutes long. On your first appointment we will discuss confidentiality, your goals and presenting concerns, and a bit more about my approach. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about what to expect along the way and what you’re concerned about. This first appointment will give you a sense of how comfortable you feel with me, my practice philosophy, and general dynamics. We will go over scheduling, fees, and cancellation policy. I have offices in both West Kelowna and Kelowna and offer a safe, accepting, empathetic environment to work with you to move you to your goals.

Here’s what we won’t be doing. We won’t be digging into your most traumatic experiences or overwhelming memories or seeking to re-traumatize you. In fact while we will, over time, get to work through those traumas… it won’t be in a way that is overwhelming. We will spend time identifying resources in your life and current strengths within yourself. You will have the opportunity to identify for each session what you’d like to work on. We work in the here and now and work our way back creating resiliency as we go.

If you would like to begin this process, please feel free to download our intake forms to have them ready prior to our first meeting.